Friday, September 30, 2016

The Next Book Will Arrive in January!!!!

Oh, fans of PLUMB CRAZY, the next book is almost ready!  WEIRD AND WONDERFUL should arrive in November.

Quick peek:

Seventeen-year-old Gin Autry heads to eclectic Austin to live with her hippie grandmother. Meanwhile, Gin's baby brother waits for heart surgery in Houston, and he needs prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy to survive.

Gin uses the principles of feng shui to create positive energy for her brother, but also secretly hopes the energy will advance her anime voice-over actress dream and help her find true love. Her efforts work. Nate improves and the hot Latino guy next door sends her head spinning. She makes friends too: cutie-pie sugar gilders and Aaron, film student and friend material.

The problem? Aaron seems to feel intense attraction for Gin! Is he too plain? Too Canadian? Is it a good idea to move out of the friend zone with a guy who thinks you suck at voice-over acting? Gin has lots of questions, but when death threatens her brother, holding onto Aaron seems like the best plan. Maybe they can find balance together.

This is another story of heart, humor, and soul. Prepare for FEELS...